Come Back To Earth. Come Back To Self.

"Come Back To Earth" was composed over 10 months of 2023, the album title is in reference for a long-forgotten album promotional poster for a < f a l l e n > artist. As we all have f a l l e n at some point, we need to come back to earth.

We need to swim in the waters of our youth.
We need to rediscover innocence.
Perseverance is love to ourselves and others.

Genres encompass hypnogogic pop, drum and bass, lo-fi, plunderphonics, dreampop, experimental electronic, synthwave

The Digital Dreamer exists in a nocturnal realm lit softly by the glow of tram lines twisting far below like phosphorescent river deltas. Inside each tram there is a computer whose purpose is to sort through the stored memories of a now-slumbering humanity. Each computer is assigned a concept–love, pain, insects, fruit–to be synthesized from trillions of moments down to its purest essence and uploaded into a shared neural network that mirrors the intricate formation of the tram lines. Humanity, asleep in its pods and hooked up to the network, experiences one collective dream that is the ideal of all dreams. The information deemed unessential by the computers–the many loves shot through with pain and vice versa, the bushels of overripe fruit orbited by buzzing flies–is secreted into the air as music, blanketing the luminous technoscape in a layered digital symphony that paradoxically conveys feelings more real than those experienced within the network. “Night Times,” with its blooming, wistful tones and clicking percussion, is one song out of those many, a human emotion produced and maybe even felt by a computer.

Bored in Pittsburgh

A relaxing and refreshing electronic b-sides album encompassing multiple years of music and moods. Tracks that couldn’t fit elsewhere, but had to be heard.

Genres include:
Hypnogogic Pop, Chamber Pop, Vaporwave, Dreampop, Nightcore, Synthwave, Synthpop, etc. ンヒアケ 営奥ね逸音エ 若

“A light glistens off every surface,
Your Nocturnal Eyes search for Happiness,
A Lasting Sigh breaches Your Lips,
As You cross the Tracks,
Into the Dream World”

This album is an existential slide into the abyss, drown in the lasting shadows, envelop yourself in an a hyperpop cape, as the Tram departs you might feel a slight tug.

Written and produced by SUN TURRET 2020-2024. Altered or Adjacent tracks that were deemed credible were allowed to enter into the void. Enjoy.

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Short Story score by SUN TURRET – Ash Hester, Author
Originally debuted on a Late Arcane Twitch stream (October 14th, 2023)
featured on Sketch Quest with the amazing Treat Your Geek and J.K. Phillips Creations

With Life Again

WITH LIFE AGAIN is available for release on multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music. The album is free for unlimited streaming and paid for digital download. Stream safe with link to

"With Life Again" is dreampop, vaporwave, lo-fi, experimental electronic. Themes are focused on digital consciousness & recovery from long covid. The album was composed between January and June of 2022, all original arrangements and composition. This album is the second effort from SUN TURRET, meant to be a more encompassing effort drawing in childhood influences and decades of musical references.

While some internet-y music purposely scrubs itself of all human personality, this 20-tracker renders emotions and experiences in bold color with the wide-eyed curiosity of a child wielding a Microsoft paintbrush. – Bored in Pittsburgh


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